Heavy rain, lightning and other weather conditions can use diesel generators

2016/7/1 10:34:16

Affected by the El Nino phenomenon and natural disasters in many places of China, frequent storm, the electricity sector to guarantee the safety of the masses will power control of a considerable area, many friends through web service or dedicated to Foshan oripo Power Engineering Co., Ltd. asked in this weather can use diesel generators, this Xiaobian interview company general manager Zhou to answer your questions.

Diesel generators as a portable power supply device, which can supply scope is limited, and the use of places can be conveniently replaced; thunderstorms can be placed in indoor, but sometimes diesel generator is used in outdoor, encountered bad weather will be related to lightning protection of equipment, then lightning protection of generator need what specific steps?

First of all need to determine the generator's lightning protection should be based on the size of the generator capacity, the strength of the local lightning activity and the requirements of the reliability of the power supply.

Theory and practice prove that through the transformer and with overhead transmission line connected to the generator, as long as the reliable protection of transformer, generally do not need of generator and lightning protection measures, CAAC, no straight overhead wiring are of particular importance in the generator, in order to prevent the high voltage side of transformer lightning wave through the transformer endanger generator insulation, should be in the generator outlet is provided with a set of magnetic blow out arrester.

The generator which is directly connected with the overhead distribution line must be protected against lightning protection. According to the provisions of the national standard design code, different lightning protection measures should be taken to the generator insulation in different conditions. The lightning arrester used for protecting the high voltage rotating electric machine is generally used for the lightning arrester, and the lightning arrester is suitable to be installed near the generator. Magnet is arranged on the neutral point is arranged on the blowing or common valve type lightning arrester should be in the general case, the arrester can be mounted on a motor outlet; such as generator in each group on the bus no more than two, or stand-alone capacity of not more than 500 kW and the distance with the arrester no more than 50m, lightning arrester can also be installed in each group on the bus when the motor neutral point can leads and not directly grounding. Generator equipment for outdoor use must pay attention to lightning protection, to ensure the safety of the people, which is the Yingli generator Chongqing Cummins diesel generator sales is the most attention from customers.

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